Picture Shop’s Frederik Bokkenheuser re-teams with cinematographer Yaron Levy on season two of the Netflix hit show.

Black Summer Season 2 is set during Winter after the zombie apocalypse, which comes with cold-blooded new challenges as frantic scavengers and violent militias battle with the dead and desperate. Picture Shop Colorist Frederik Bokkenheuser continued his creative partnership with Cinematographer Yaron Levy to handle the color for the show. Together the pair worked early on in the production to develop a LUT that captured a filmic look with a slight documentary-feel. “We needed it to feel both like a movie and real in the same breath. There’s a lot of single-take sequences that feel very immediate, like you’re right there in the moment with the characters. For example, the first episode opens with a six and a half minute continuous take,” describes Bokkenheuser. During post-production, Bokkenheuser used CineGrain to provide a filmic look. Shots were stitched together for the show’s several single-take sequences, and required extensive use of key frames.  Bokkenheuser delivered the show in Dolby Vision, performing the main grade in HDR while continually trimming for the SDR pass. Due to the pandemic, production in Calgary was delayed and remote work sessions were needed. Lisa Wehren handled editorial out of Picture Shop’s Burbank facility and Ghost artists led by VFX Supervisor Christian Cardona were among the VFX vendors providing visual effects, jumping in to provide timely work on some of the bigger shots. “I love working with Yaron. He’s very precise and we have a creative short-hand which made working remotely very easy. I can’t wait for audiences to see the show,” concludes Bokkenheuser. Watch Black Summer Season 2 on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80198988