Picture Shop's Chris Boyer colors Season 4 of TNT's explosive crime dramaThe final season of TNT's Claws follows a group of manicurists-turned-money-launderers in South Florida. The show is a dark and wickedly funny examination of power, wealth, and community. Picture Shop Senior Colorist Chris Boyer, first joined the Claws team during reshoots for the show's pilot. In the four years since, he has handled the color finishing on all 40 episodes.Boyer worked closely with DP David Hennings to capture the sun-drenched, gritty locale of South Florida. They kept the tone “Florida Noir,” a combination of light, dark, and vibrantly colorful."David (Hennings) put it best when he described the look as, 'Stylistically colorful with an edge that pushes towards hyper-reality. Vogue mixed with Florida Gold Coast Hillbilly,’” notes Boyer.When production was interrupted due to the pandemic, Picture Shop pivoted to accommodate remote workflows and social distancing. Boyer seamlessly alternated between working from home and out of Picture Shop’s Burbank facility. Ray Miller handled Online Editorial and Curtis Lindersmith was Dailies Colorist. Co-Producer Luis Patino worked with Picture Shop for 30 episodes and Associate Producer Stephanie Chan handled the last 10 episodes of the series."It was truly a pleasure to collaborate with the talented DPs David Hennings, Michael Watson, and Chris Squires, as well as Showrunner and creative force Janine Sherman Barrois,” concludes Boyer.Watch on the show on TNT and for more information visit: https://www.tntdrama.com/shows/claws