Picture Shop’s Paul Westerbeck has handled the color from the pilot to the series finale.

The sixth and final season of “Supergirl” follows Kara Danvers aka the Girl of Steel as she puts her life on the line to save her friends and humanity. This season picks up where the prior season left off, with Lex Luthor still at large and Brainy on the cusp of death. The season premiere sees Kara and her Superfriends go to battle, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Season six marks the cumination of a creative collaboration between Picture Shop Senior Colorist Paul Westerbeck and the show’s directors, cinematographers, and showrunners that spans back to the show’s very first episode in 2015. This season continues the show’s tradition of capturing a cinematic feel.“For the first episode of this season, Michael Barrett was the DP and Glen Winter directed. Both come from a film background. The camera angles and exposures were fantastic, which provided a clean, cinematic look,” describes Westerbeck.This rest of this season was shot by James Liston and Michael Storey.Westerbeck notes, “Through the years, the show has been fortunate to have some amazing DP’s, who have all done great work.”Westerbeck used Nucoda for the color finish, tapping into the DVO Pixel tool to repair the occasional stuck pixel. Editorial was handled by Picture Shop’s Dave Scheinder and the show was delivered in SDR.Throughout “Supergirl”’s six seasons, the team at Picture Shop’s flagship facility in Burbank have been honored to provide post-production services and work with the show’s creative team.“I’ve been lucky to work with the show’s post team, including Producer Joanie Woehler, Co-Producer Saray D. Guidetti, and Post Supervisor Casey Canoy. It’s been a fun experience,” concludes Westerbeck.Watch “Supergirl” on the CW and for more information visit, www.cwtv.com.