Picture Shop is proud to support The Canadian Society of Cinematographer’s “Future is Calling” campaign, a pan-Canadian initiative to improve access to opportunity in the film and television industry, increase the talent pool, build new audiences, build relationships with the community, and prepare for advancing technology.The CSC Presents Series features CSC members and industry experts talking about their work and offering instruction around a specific topic.JANUARY 25 - An exclusive sit-down session with Senior Colourist Marc Bachli as he discusses the art of Colour Finishing.https://youtu.be/vXQlNKriMe0NOVEMBER 30 – Meet the Filmmakers of Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities: Cinematographer Colin Hoult CSC and Senior Colorist Mark Kueperhttps://youtu.be/veIIB6W98PUJULY 10 – Meet the Filmmakers of Billy the Kid: Cinematographer Paul Sarossy CSC, BSC, ASC, Director Otto Bathurst and Senior Colorist Mark Kueperhttps://youtu.be/Tqj1AOvjopU