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Elevate Your Production with Picture Shop

If you’re looking for a film colourist in London to work on an upcoming project, our award-winning film colourists’ are your go-to solution. With extensive experience throughout the industry, Picture Shop offers unrivalled post-production services, including colour grading and correction. 

Every film uses visuals to carry the audience through the picture and colour is an important part of this process. From dark, moody hues to provoke a sense of anticipation or danger to milky shades with enhanced luminescence to convey an upbeat, tranquil vibe, there is no end to what you can achieve when incorporating colour theory into your production. 

Of course, understanding and implementing colour theory are two very different things! In addition to working with you to determine how colour can elevate your picture, our film colourist in London will bring your ideas to life using the latest technology and equipment. 

Film Colourists in London

Our film colourists collaborate closely with film directors and directors of photography to ensure that every frame reflects their vision. As every project is unique, we provide bespoke colour grading and correction services based on your requirements and customize workflows to match your needs. 

Our London production houses are packed full of industry-grade technology to deliver the best results and we’ll always take your preferences into account when selecting software and tools for your project. 

Discover Picture Shop's Film Colourist Services

Working remotely and from our production houses in Lexington St (Soho), Newham Street W1, Pinewood Studios, Livonia Street W1 and Marshall Street W1, our talented colourists undertake every aspect of colour correction and grading with advanced techniques for optimal picture quality. 

Our team of creatives consists of talented colourists and finishing artists who have worked on a wide variety of projects, including Emperor of Ocean Park, Stockholm Blackout, Fellow Travelers, Franklin, The Watchers, Nike X Travis Scott, Big Door Prize S1-2, Tokyo Vice S2 and many more. 

From hit music videos and commercials to major motion pictures, scripted shows and unscripted edits, Picture Shop’s professional colourists are on hand to provide best-in-class post-production services. 

Film Colourist Solutions in London

As a leading provider of post-production colour services, we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and commitment to quality. With five production houses in and around the capital, we can operate remotely, in the studio or on location to optimal colour for your picture. 

Color theory may be a well-established element of filmmaking but the industry is continually evolving. New and emerging tech is revolutionizing our ability to work with color and this is reflected in our work. Eager to push the boundaries and reach new heights, our team of creatives is always excited to integrate new colour techniques to help elevate your project. 

Transform Your Film in our London Studios

Both colour correction and colour grading are essential elements of post-production. Firstly, colour correction is applied to optimize the visual quality of your footage and remove unwanted glitches that were captured during filming. Once corrections have been applied, the footage benefits from enhanced consistency, which is the optimal starting point for colour grading. 

With grading, your film colourist in London from Picture Shop will adjust chroma and luminescence to enhance storytelling and achieve the style you desire. Combining LUTs when time is of the essence and grading footage by hand for enhanced consistency, we’ll adapt our workflows to meet your needs and your deadline. 

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You may also wish to contact our Sales team or visit our locations across the US, UK and Canada.