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Picture Shop is a global, artist-driven post production company that provides filmmakers with unparalleled creative picture and sound services and cutting-edge technology across features, episodic, unscripted, and commercials.

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Professional Sound Design for Film

Audio post production is a key element of any filmmaking and our talented sound artists are available to help you deliver an exceptional audio experience to your viewers. Specialising in film sound post production, our team of creatives routinely works on major blockbusters, acclaimed independents and everything in between. 

Professional Sound Design for Film

With access to industry-grade equipment and the latest technologies, there is no limit to what our sound artists can achieve. From integrating ADR into footage to improve the clarity and quality of spoken dialogue to innovative Foley effects to increase authenticity, there are a variety of ways to use sound design to optimise your film. 

Our Film Sound Studio Services

Picture Shop’s film sound post production services encompass every aspect of sound design, editing, mastering and mixing. We’ll work with you from the outset to establish your vision and assist in the creation of a DAW master template to guide your entire project from start to finish. 

Depending on your needs, a dialogue edit can be undertaken to implement fixes and remove inconsistent sounds, while sound design can be incorporated to add spot effects, background effects and design effects. From masking everyday sounds to recreating realistic audio and creating out-of-this-world audio from scratch, our team goes above and beyond to deliver unparalleled sound design and post production services. 

As the process evolves, you’ll have multiple files with different sound elements or snippets on each. With professional sound mixing, we’ll take these distinct audio films and transform them into a final mix that’s perfectly synchronised with your footage. 

Discover Our Film Sound Studio

We offer film sound post production services from multiple locations, including our production houses in Bristol, Cardiff and Manchester, as well as our studios in London’s Lexington Street (Soho), Newman Street, Livonia Street and Marshall Street. 

Our sound artists can work on projects remotely too. We’ll create and establish new workflows to meet your needs and collaborate with your in-house team to extend your functionality, flair and creativity. 

Our Film Sound Studio Solutions

We’re always excited to work on new projects and we love collaborating with creative teams to push the boundaries and maximise a project’s success. Film audio has a major impact on audiences, which is why our sound designers and artists are passionate about using top-quality audio as a narrative storytelling tool. 

As a premier sound post production service provider, we work with filmmakers, directors and producers all over the world to create award-winning film, television and online content. Our sound artists have worked on a wide range of projects, including: Nolly, After The Flood, Happy Valley S1-2, The Circle: USA, The Canterville Ghost, Magpie Murders, Cheat, A Kind of Spark, Champion, Black Mirror S6 and many more. 

If you want to use audio to elevate your film project or utilize the latest sound design techniques to enhance the audio of your content, find out how our talented sound artists can support you. 

Our Studio Facilities for Film Sound Production

At Picture Shop, we’re proud to nurture a talented team of creatives, including award-winning sound artists from all over the world. You’ll find our roster is filled with sound artists who have been hand-picked for their talent, expertise and experience – and they’re ready to get to work on your latest project. 

To find out more or to discuss film sound post production services for an upcoming project, get in touch with Picture Shop now at or contact our post production houses today.

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You may also wish to contact our Sales team or visit our locations across the US, UK and Canada.