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Music Video Post Production Services

Our music video post production services give you access to a talented team of creatives and we provide custom post production solutions to elevate your music videos and bring your vision to life.

In today’s digital landscape, music videos are more important than ever before. As the way we consume musical content evolves, video has become an integral element of the experience. Instead of being a secondary feature, best-in-class music video production adds another layer to your work and provides audiences with a truly immersive audio and visual journey. 

As a global production house, we offer a wide range of services to produce first-class music videos, including editing, color grading, VFX, sound mixing and more to create stunning music videos.

Transform Your Footage

Once your footage has been shot, it’s time to get to work turning into a leading music video and our team of creative talent makes the process seamless and enjoyable. Whether you require assistance with a specific aspect of video production, such as incorporating VFX into your latest hit, or you want full-service music video post production, we’re on hand to provide the creative and technical support you need. 

In addition to using standard post production techniques to optimize your footage, our award-winning sound artists employ specialist skills to enhance the impact of your video.

Ed Sheeran

Music Video Post Production Solutions

Our post production services are tailor-made to meet your requirements, so it’s easy to access the bespoke solutions you need when producing a music video. We’ll work with you to determine which aspects of post production can deliver the best results and provide you with creative and technical input that enhances the final cut and streamlines your workflows. 

We’ll partner with you and your in-house team to help you plan a visual that tells the story of your track and even provide location services if required. From there, we can run dailies and log and assemble your footage so it’s easily tracked and securely saved.

When the cut is final our team transforms the footage into a finished product. Using color correction and color grading, for example, we can create a stunning aesthetic that reflects the tone and feel of your music. 

Sound mixing and editing is an integral element of all types of post production but it is, of course, critical when it comes to music videos. Here, our world-class team of sound artists will go above and beyond to ensure optimal sound quality and combine editing and effects to amplify your audio.  

Why Partner With Us?

As a world-renowned post production house, we’re the go-to provider of creative talent. Our team of award-winning sound artists makes us an obvious choice for artists and directors who want to create memorable, viral and groundbreaking content. 

What’s more – we provide a seamless service that extends the capabilities of your team and integrates with your in-house workflows. With a wide range of technical capabilities, we can deploy industry-grade hardware and software to ensure your project benefits from the latest post production solutions. 

Working on location or from our dedicated post production houses, our team will be delighted to collaborate with you on your next music video. To find out more, contact us today at

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You may also wish to contact our Sales team or visit our locations across the US, UK and Canada.