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Picture Shop is a global, artist-driven post production company that provides filmmakers with unparalleled creative picture and sound services and cutting-edge technology across features, episodic, unscripted, and commercials.

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Post Production with Picture Shop

Whether it’s documentaries and factual television or game shows, talk shows and reality content, our unscripted post production services transform raw footage into ready-to-broadcast programs. Working with you to bring the story to life, our team of creatives can deliver on every aspect of post production. 

Driven by talent, Picture Shop is the home of global production talent. Our unscripted work highlights our success and showcases what we can offer to filmmakers, directors and producers. From bringing the story together with picture post-production and sound mixing, you can rely on us to provide unrivalled services.

As a world-class, unscripted post production company, we have access to industry-grade equipment and software to deliver best-in-class results. 

To get an idea of the calibre of our work, take a look at some of the unscripted productions we’ve worked on, including The Royal Variety Performance, Michael McIntyre’s Big Show S7, Murder They Hope, Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back and ITV Studio Sessions.

Partner with Picture Shop for Unscripted Post Production

At Picture Shop, we never compromise on quality. In fact, we’re obsessed with it! The process begins by working with you to understand your needs, vision and objectives. From there, we’ll recommend specific post production services or methodologies to elevate your content and plan workflows to get the process started. 

With regular communication and updates throughout the post production process, you’re involved every step of the way. Think of our creatives as an extension of your team. 

Unscripted edits can be a fast-paced process, particularly if there are short turnaround times between filming and airing. With flexible schedules, best-in-class technology and global production locations, we’re always on hand to provide unparalleled post production services on time. 

Explore Picture Shop's Unscripted Services

Post production is a critical element of the production process for any type of content but it’s particularly important when it comes to unscripted programming. As a professional post production company, we’re well aware of the need to retain authenticity in unscripted content and we work hard to ensure every frame conveys the true story. 

Using advanced techniques to optimise audio and visual quality, our post production services are designed to enhance the raw footage so that your unscripted film, show or documentary remains true to life and captures the audience’s attention. Portraying participants accurately and respecting privacy requests is an important element of unscripted post production and you can rely on our team to meet and exceed these standards at all times. 

Whether it’s edits, color, sound or VFX, our diverse team of creatives work together to deliver inspiring, entertaining and informative unscripted content that reflects your vision. 

Collaborate with Picture Shop

With hours of content available on tv and streaming services, there is more competition than ever and producing top-quality content is essential if you want to attract and retain your audience. Fortunately, working with an experienced post production company can give your content the edge and help you to succeed in a competitive marketplace. 

We’re always excited to work on new projects and we love building long-lasting, collaborative relationships with our clients, so why not get in touch? If you want to find out more about our team of creatives, discuss an upcoming project or request unscripted post production services, contact the Picture Shop team now at info@pictureshop.com or get in touch with us at one of our global locations.

About Picture Shop

Picture Shop offers the following services globally for Feature Films, Episodic, Unscripted TV and Commercials:

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For general enquiries, please email us at info@pictureshop.com.

You may also wish to contact our Sales team or visit our locations across the US, UK and Canada.