Picture Shop New York’s Supervising Colorist Steven Bodner colors the second season of the award-winning show.Emily in Paris Season 2 sees life and love get even more dramatic for Emily Cooper (Lilly Collins) as she continues her adventures in Paris.  Picture Shop Supervising Colorist Steven Bodner was involved with show from pre-production of Season 1, collaborating with cinematographer Steven Fierberg and creating a LUT for the show that has been used to help set the look for both seasons.

“This year I felt the show went for a more ‘dramatic’ tone. There was more ‘darkness’ and even tragic elements in the material, so I went for a darker look than in the previous season,” said Fierberg. “There were even a couple scenes that Steven and I described as more ’noir!’ As before, Steven is a brilliant visual artist, and the best collaborator possible. I felt very lucky to be in his ‘virtual’ presence, and the show benefitted immensely from his skill.”

“Steven and I have a very open dialogue about looks and ideas and I’m grateful that he allowed me to explore and play pertaining to the story and locations,” said Bodner. “As a colorist, it’s really a dream to have a cinematographer give me freedom to explore my ideas and present them to him.”Picture Shop’s Justin Allison handled the online editorial for the series.Watch Emily in Paris Season 2 on Netflix.