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Picture Shop's New York Colorists

Working with you to enhance your content and filmmaking, a film colorist in New York from Picture Shop will become an integral part of your production team. Whether you’re producing a feature film, directing the next viral hit or making iconic music videos, you can rely on our team of talented color artists to help you bring your vision to life.

Based in our production houses in Desbrosses, Washington Ave and 5650 University Blvd, our New York film colorists are experts when it comes to maximizing the visual impact of film. Using an endless variety of industry-grade techniques, a film colorist in New York will elevate your picture using color correction and color grading tools to enable you to tell your story, your way. 

Color has a transformative effect and filmmakers can utilize it to convey elements of every story. If you want to capture a specific mood, set the scene or add a touch of drama, professional color post production with Picture Shop is the way to go. 

Enhance Your Storytelling

Adding a professional film colorist to your post production team gives you access to a world of color theory and state-of-the-art color manipulation. With these tools, you can enhance your storytelling and capture the imagination of any audience.

Our collaborative approach puts you front and center of the post production process. Working closely with your team to understand your vision, our film colorists can liaise with your director or head of photography ahead of time to determine the color palette and style of the film, as well as undertaking a range of color edits and effects to elevate the finished product. 

Film Colorist Services in New York City

With award-winning film colorists in New York City, Picture Shop is an industry leader in film and television post production. Our studios ensure all of our finishing artists have unrestricted access to the latest software and technologies – all of which can be used to enhance the visual quality of your project.

Utilizing advanced color correction techniques, you can rely on our experienced artists to balance the color and expand the dynamic range of your footage to achieve seamless consistency. When footage has been captured in multiple locations and/or via numerous cameras, it’s inevitable that color variations occur. By eliminating these variations, specialist color correction enhances the viewer’s experience and significantly improves the quality of your footage. 

Of course, the benefits of post production color don’t stop there. Once color corrections have been completed, the process of color grading can begin. Here, our talented New York colorists will manipulate the chroma and luminescence to achieve a specific look or feel. This allows you to use color as a narrative tool to really emphasize your storytelling and make an impact on the audience. 

Film Colorist Solutions at Picture Shop

If you’re looking for a film colorist in New York, you’ve come to the right place! Picture Shop is a premier provider of award-winning post production talent and our team includes talented colorists and finishing artists. Our collaborative approach, unrivalled creativity and technical expertise ensure we’re ready to work on a wide variety of projects and films. 

Our previous color post production work spans genres and includes content such as: Full Swing S1-2, Tokyo Vice S2, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Masters of The Air, The Last Dance, and many, many more. 

To find out more or to discover how our New York-based film colorist can assist on your next project, get in touch with our team now on 212-627-1662 or email us at 

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