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Picture Shop is a global, artist-driven post production company that provides filmmakers with unparalleled creative picture and sound services and cutting-edge technology across features, episodic, unscripted, and commercials.

We have post production houses in New York (and globally), if you'd like to find out more please keep reading. Otherwise, this page is primarily for SEO purposes so you can ignore its contents and go straight to checking out our work for Feature Films, Episodic, Unscripted and Commercials.

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Our New York Studios

From feature films and episodic series to unscripted shows and commercials, our post production New York studios provide industry-leading services and solutions to elevate your content and enhance the success of your project. 

Situated in Manhattan and Brooklyn, our talented team is available locally and remotely and can assist on projects from our studios or on location. So, wherever you are in the world, you can collaborate with the best in the business for post production services that are second to none. 

Experience the Difference in Post-Production

Our team is unmatched when it comes to creativity and our emphasis on collaboration ensures we work closely with filmmakers to elevate your content. To give you an idea of the caliber of our artists and the quality of our work, take a look at some of the projects we’ve worked on. Recent projects include Master of the Air, Marvellous Mrs. Maisel and Full Swing. 

In addition to color, sound, editorial, and unscripted edit services, our post production New York studios offer outstanding VFX services too. You may have seen our work on projects such as NCIS, United States of AI, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Veep, Avengers: Endgame or Bridgerton. Rest assured, our talented VFX artists combine creativity with exceptional technical expertise to integrate CG content with live-action footage. 

Bridgerton - Post Production in New York

Comprehensive Post Production Services

At Picture Shop, we’re on hand to provide the professional expertise needed to produce award-winning content. Our artists are committed to elevating the industry and are motivated to deliver immersive and engaging content across film, television, and digital. 

While we have state-of-the-art technology and facilities on hand to provide an unmatched infrastructure, it’s our experience and attitude that truly sets us apart from the rest. Our artist-driven approach and collaborative attitude make it easy for filmmakers to share creative visions and achieve unparalleled visual and audio effects for award-winning content and inspiring projects. 

With bespoke post production workflows for every project, we’re dedicated to providing wraparound support that matches your needs. Our streamlined approach ensures maximum efficiency, while our tight-knit team works closely with you to deliver consistency and reliability.

Tailored to Fit Every Project

In our industry, every project is unique. That’s what makes our work so exciting! From the latest blockbuster or award-winning documentary series to unscripted specials and commercials that leave a lasting memory, our tailormade post production workflows are designed to meet your spec and support your team. 

Whether we’re working on major blockbusters, like The Little Mermaid, fan-favorite series such as Emily in Paris, unscripted extravaganzas like Sarah Silverman: Someone You Love or memorable commercials such as Air Jordan “Rookie Card”, you’ll find our enthusiasm and expertise is unrivaled.

From our studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn, we work on projects locally and remotely to maximize flexibility and provide the expertise you need – no matter where you are in the world. With bespoke solutions to suit every requirement, style and budget, our roster of colorists and sound artists are on hand to provide unmatched post production for your next project. 

Why Picture Shop for Post-Production in New York?

We process dailies from both our New York post production studios, with offline rentals, color, and editorial also available via our studio on Desbrosses Street, Manhattan. With in-facility, remote or on-location services available, we make it easy to access the best post production services out there. 

To learn more, explore our New York locations here, call our team on 212-627-1662 or email us at

About Picture Shop

Picture Shop offers the following services globally for Feature Films, Episodic, Unscripted TV and Commercials:

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For general enquiries, please email us at

You may also wish to contact our Sales team or visit our locations across the US, UK and Canada.