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Picture Shop is a global, artist-driven post production company that provides filmmakers with unparalleled creative picture and sound services and cutting-edge technology across features, episodic, unscripted, and commercials.

We have post production houses in Toronto (and globally), if you'd like to find out more please keep reading. Otherwise, this page is primarily for SEO purposes so you can ignore its contents and go straight to checking out our work for Feature Films, Episodic, Unscripted and Commercials.

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Our Toronto Studios

Located in the heart of city, our post production Toronto studio attracts talented creatives from all over the world. Residing in the city’s film district, Picture Shop in Toronto is home to a roster of experienced editors, color artists and sound technicians. Offering an extensive range of post production services, we provide state-of-art facilities for dailies, editorial, offline rentals, color and sound.

Post Production in Toronto

Toronto’s ever-increasing media industry highlights the city’s advantageous location for filming, editing, and producing. With many productions being filmed on location in the area, our post production studio in Toronto is the ideal facility for your new project. 

While we welcome fellow creatives to collaborate with us at our studio on Ontario Street, we also offer on-location, remote, and hybrid post production services. Our advanced workflows, cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art PULSE asset management ensure we can provide a seamless post production infrastructure that accelerates production and gives you access to your content 24/7/365, from any location. 

Elevate Your Projects with Toronto Post Production

At Picture Shop, we understand how critical post production is to the success of your project and we’re on hand to provide the expertise and specialist services you need. What’s more – our team of creatives goes above and beyond to create spellbinding content that reflects your vision and enthralls audiences. 

With industry-leading editing, color editing, and VFX, we take visual storytelling to a new level and deliver an immersive experience across many mediums. 

Today’s media technology allows us to push creative boundaries and achieve new heights, but it also transforms working practices, content sharing, and data management. We utilize this to our advantage when developing bespoke workflows to reflect your needs and preferences. 

Whether you need an urgent turnaround for dailies, VFX for a feature film, ongoing editorial for an episodic series, or anything else, you can rely on our Toronto post production studio to deliver.

What We Provide

Throughout our collaboration, we act as a dedicated partner to simplify and streamline the entire production process. Our team provides tailored support and services, so you can access the post production expertise you need at any time. 

But we don’t stop there. You’ll benefit from the latest industry-grade hardware and software, such as Avid, Adobe and Flame, along with our brightest creative minds. Combining originality, innovation and technicality, we’re proud to foster a unique artist-driven approach. 

A glimpse at our portfolio highlights the work we’ve undertaken, as well as our global reputation as a leading post production service provider. Recent credits include Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis, Billy the Kid, Eli Roth Thanksgiving and many more, we’ve worked on projects that span the industry in terms of genre, style, and budget. 

Thanksgiving - Post Production in Toronto

Our Post Production House in Toronto

Our studios may seem packed-to-the-seams with state-of-the-art technology (and they are!), but every piece of equipment is carefully selected to deliver the best performance and outputs. With optimal connectivity, we provide in-facility, on-location, and remote post production services via our hub in Toronto.  

With experienced, high-quality editors in permanent residence, you can rest assured that our Toronto studio is primed for your next project. To find out more, access our info on our location page or give our team a call on 416-585-9995. Alternatively, drop us a line at and find out more about our industry-leading post production services.

About Picture Shop

Picture Shop offers the following services globally for Feature Films, Episodic, Unscripted TV and Commercials:

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For general enquiries, please email us at

You may also wish to contact our Sales team or visit our locations across the US, UK and Canada.